Foothill Entertainment Inc.

Foothill was formed September 2000 by Gregory Payne and Jo Kavanagh-Payne to specialize in the co-development and distribution of family and children's entertainment programming. They also act as Executive Producers of projects in all media, raising finance via co-production, distribution advances and pre-sales in the major territories. Their corporation is based in Santa Barbara, California. Jo Kavanagh-Payne serves as President of Foothill Entertainment. Her mandate is to acquire family and children's entertainment properties for international distribution, find co-production partners and co-develop new and existing properties for international and domestic syndication. Gregory Payne, the CEO, spearheads the legal and corporate operations for the company, as well as playing a major part in the programme development and business/financial structuring for Foothill projects.

Foothill Europe Limited

Foothill Europe was founded at the end of 2011 and acts as the home of Foothill’s business interests in Europe. The London-based company represents its projects in the UK and is looking for co-production and business opportunities in the European Union.