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52 x 11' + 36 x 1-2' interstitials (In Development)

3 videos available for screening


Be bright, be brilliant! An animated CGI pre-school series (52 x 11’ + interstitials) that helps and inspires our young viewers through those important milestone life lessons with the help of an amazing family robot!  b.bot is a loving, fun and sometimes clumsy robot, invented by a single mom for her two young adopted children.  Designed and built originally to teach 2-year-old Little Jack how to potty train, b.bot is the best friend a kid could ever have, and the best helper a mom could ever wish for. With 5-year old big sister, Harper Rose, teacup pig, Fetch and Chipper, the stuffed toy cow, all lending a hand, b.bot has become an invaluable friend as the kids grow and experience the new world as part of a forever family!

Based on the award-winning pre-school potty training system and app created by Lynn Ell Tilker of eCubed Designs, b.bot is a colorful, fun and informative journey through those pre-school years. Just as the BottomZz Up® system patented by the series creator sought to disrupt the generations-old, environmentally incentive approach to potty training, b.bot takes a similarly fresh and modern look at those early years adventures. Through the use of technology and on-line integration, b.bot educates and inspires pre-school kids going through those sometimes challenging early-years milestones with particular attention paid to embrace those all too often under-represented kids that are adopted and being fostered.  This innovative series seeks to give parents and kids alike additional tools to guide them through those early years.

Foothill is seeking co-development and co-production partners for this innovative and timely animated series that reflects modern family life.

Run Time

52 x 11' + 36 x 1-2' interstitials (In Development)


  • eCubed Designs



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