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Be bright, be brilliant, be yourself!  An animated CGI pre-school series that helps and inspires girls and boys through important milestone lessons with the help of an amazing family robot.

When a single mom builds a robot named b.bot to help her take care of her two adopted kids, 6-year-old Harper and 4-year-old Jack, she doesn’t realize that her invention is so much more than a mechanical babysitter. With a fun-loving personality of its own, b.bot is the best friend a kid could have and the best helper a mom could ever wish for. Sometimes clumsy (!),b.bot playfully teaches the kids important life lessons like self-confidence and self-esteem while on their many adventures at home and around the town!

AND … B.bot is the world’s first, one-of-a-kind creation with the unique point of difference that it is gender free.

The series’ central themes are:

  • It’s important to be WHO you are and…
  • Family is defined by who you ARE WITH
  • Life’s lessons can be little or large but no matter the size, they’re easier to learn when you can ask questions and are free to make mistakes; which b.bot calls “happy accidents”
  • The value of accepting and embracing differences

Based on the award-winning potty-training app created by Lynn Tilker of eCubed Designs, b.bot has innovative and lighthearted storylines focusing on different social, emotional or developmental skills. The series has been intentionally developed to encourage critical thinking with particular attention paid to embrace those all too often underrepresented kids who are adopted or being fostered.

Foothill is seeking co-development and co-production partners for this innovative and timely 52 x 11’ animated series that reflects modern family life with three humans, one cat and a robot!

Check out b.bot’s website at www.bbotworld.com


Episodes x Run Time

52 x 11’ & 52 x 1' (In Development)


  • eCubed Designs