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Bizarre Buddies

26 x 44' eps

1 video available for screening


Finally, a buddy talent show for the common man with bizarre human skills, wacky consequences, and lots of laughs!  Think Impractical Jokers meets America’s Got Talent.  Only this talent is extremely Bizarre!

Watch humans with amazing skills perform Bizarre acts.  Watch buddies suffer humiliating and wacky consequences.

This one-hour reality series celebrates the strange and off-beat side of life with two show hosts, Scott Topper, former MTV Reality TV Showrunner and three-time Emmy nominee, now Hollywood Celebrity DJ, and producer, presenter, magician and lawyer, Andrew Eborn, creator of The Octopus TV Failure Awards, host of Knot The Truth’s Question Everything and star of The Art of Magic.

Brought to you by Foothill Entertainment, Scott Topper TV Productions, and OCTOPUS TV Worldwide.  

Worldwide rights are available for this clever series and format.


Episodes x Run Time

26 x 44' eps (In Development)


  • Scott Topper Productions