52 x 11' (In Development)

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Revitalizing a classic for a new generation, Film Roman, the studio behind The Simpsons, is teaming with Steve Waterman, producer of Stuart Little and Alvin and the Chipmunks, to produce a new CGI series of HEATHCLIFF starring the original orange feline smooth operator.

Ever the prankster and always cooking up a clever heist, Heathcliff is out to show who rules the neighborhood! All day, every day, this street cat redefines the role of felines with wit, charm and cattitude.

Through cunning, street smarts and unapologetic swagger, Heathcliff rules the roofs and alleys of Westfinster. With the help of his lovely girlfriend Sonja, unruly Pops and merry band of villains, he lives for the chance to risk one of his nine lives. Whether it’s outsmarting Mr. Schultz to steal a pallet of sardines, tricking CatCo’s formula to turn dogs into cats or lazing about all day only to become an overnight celebrity, Heathcliff proves with every adventure that a cat is not just a cat!

Worldwide rights are available for this purrfect series to be produced by Steve Waterman and Film Roman.  Looking for pre-sale and co-production partners.

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52 x 11' (In Development)


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