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Hollywood Is Like High School With Money

10 x 5-8’ or 1 x 60’

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Based on the book by best-selling author Zoey Dean (The A List) comes brand new comedy drama Hollywood is Like High School With Money. Taylor Henning thought the horrors of high school were behind her, but catty co-workers and office sabotage make working in Hollywood equally treacherous. When her boss’s teenage queen bee daughter, Quinn, sees how clueless Taylor is, Quinn agrees to teach Taylor how to outsmart her competition. After all, Hollywood is like high school with money, and Quinn knows all the rules. From how to charm powerful hotties, to the best way to crash an A-list party - Hollywood skills can be learned. And Taylor is about to get schooled.

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10 x 5-8’ or 1 x 60’


  • Alloy Entertainment Productions

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