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Jamie’s Paper Train

1 x 8'

2 videos available for screening


Jamie’s Paper Train is an award-winning short film that tugs on the heart-strings of all of us. Inspired by the real-life story of a young boy with autism, the film is a visual metaphor for the challenges that face those affected by the condition.

Autism is a disorder that affects tens of millions of people globally, (1 in 68) and is characterized by trouble with social interaction and communication. It occurs four-to-five time more often in boys than girls. It is a condition that is just now being brought out of the shadows to become part of the global child development conversation.

Seeking comfort in a world of overstimulation, Jamie finds escape through his passion for making paper trains. With the love and support of his parents, Jamie spent endless hours, embracing his imagination, forging bonds with those whom he struggled to make real-world connections with.

This powerful but sensitive film produced by renowned Canadian animation studio, PIP Animation, combines a mix of various animation techniques including stop motion animation, 2D and 3D animation, and told through the music of Jack Noble’s unmistakable Canadian maritime charm.

A film for all ages, Jamie’s Paper Train seeks to bring to the world’s attention this difficult but all too common disability.

Worldwide rights are available for this endearing short film.  Also available in French – more languages coming soon.

Awards include:

Best Shorts Competition 2018 – Award of Merit

Autism Film Festival 2018 – Short Film Winner

7th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection & Best Music Short Film Winner



Episodes x Run Time

1 x 8'


  • Pip Animation