Kit the Kat

52 x 1'-2' or 52 x 4'-5' (In Development)

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Kit the Kat, a new 3D character brought to life by PIP Animation, has burst onto the scene ever since winning the American Pixel Society’s highest honor for animation, the 2017 Platinum Pixie Award.

Curious as any feline, Kit’s inquisitiveness at times can get the best of him which always gets him into hilarious situations!

From chasing a laser pointer, trying to figure out the pesky robot vacuum thing, being introduced to the new pet goldfish in a bowl, battling the tempting delights of potted catnip plant just outside the window, or getting his fur caught in a windup mouse toy, to his daily duels with the pooping pigeons on the fire escape, enduring the diabolical hot tar on the roof, or savoring the multi-sensory distractions of a day at the beach, Kit always manages to find a way to get the best of any situation in spite of himself! How many of his 9 lives will be tempted today?!

We are not responsible for any sore ribs, shortness of breath or tears caused by the extreme laughter while viewing these shorts!

Worldwide rights are available for these shorts which are hilarious and fun for the entire family and are guaranteed to keep you laughing!


Episodes x Run Time

52 x 1'-2' or 52 x 4'-5' (In Development)


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