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Legend of Blue, Seven Seas

26 x 26'

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A maritime "Mission: Impossible," Legend Of Blue is an exciting animated action-adventure series set on the high seas in the not-too-distant future where the oceans are bustling with trade, as well as mysteries yet to be discovered. Pirates relentlessly threaten vital global ocean commerce and force the Earth government to hire mercenaries to deal with the problem. One of the finest, the young and heroic Captain Jang runs a high-tech submarine, the Sea Dragon. While outwitting and outfighting the enemy forces, Captain Jang and his gallant crew also pursue the mysterious and legendary "Golden Ship" - its secret power provides the key to the future of the planet. Legend Of Blue is a fun and thrilling futuristic journey of courage and heroism for all audiences.

Run Time

26 x 26'


  • SeoulMovie



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