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Oh Yuck!

26 x 22'

3 videos available for screening


Oh Yuck! is a fast-paced, laugh-filled comedy series for kids created to discover, investigate, explore and celebrate all the planet’s most disgusting and revolting bits! All the show’s adventures revolve around our dashing, adventurous and slightly greasy filth explorer Dr. Septico Yuck; his ever immaculate, clean freak assistant and teen mechanical genius Pristine O’Clean; Durp-E the robot, the zany cleaning-bot with a gunked up hard drive that makes him long to be human. And don’t forget the gang’s frightening nemeses, the O’Clean Brothers, Seamus and Doolan, Cleanse Co.’s evil owners who scheme day and night to eradicate every germ, bacteria or bug that wants to creep inside their spotless, sterile, and consistently sanitized world! (Hint: they always lose!)

Join these wildly astounding characters and many more on a totally uproarious tumble down TV’s favorite trash chute and into the unbelievable world of Oh Yuck!

“Oh Yuck is seriously gross and exposes many taboos that’s why kids love it because it goes places no one else dares. Oh Yuck makes science very naughty and very funny and that’s a winning combination!” – Niki Hamilton, Channel Seven’s Executive Producer of Children’s TV!

Let the Yucks begin!

Worldwide rights are shared with Splash Entertainment, who also produced this hilarous, mixed media series along with Flying Bark and Silhouette Media Group.


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26 x 22'


  • Splash Entertainment