Rollie and Friends

52 x 11’

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Rollie and Friends is a 3D CGI animated pre-school series about the adventures of Rollie the Rollercoaster and his friends at the Sunshine Cove Amusement Park. Fast paced, action packed and full of fun, this animated series features best friends Rollie the Roller Coaster and Tootie the Runaway Train Ride as they learn to cope with the ups and downs of life, alongside their friends in Sunshine Cove.

With theatrical level quality showcasing a never-before-seen environment, this innovative series captures the fun and excitement of the Sunshine Cove Amusement Park through the lovable characters that live there.

While they all are different, they still seem to find a way to get along, through problem solving, exploration and laughter. It is an amusement park world that seems a lot like your very own neighborhood. Various themes that are explored in each new area of the park include things like exploration, creativity, knowledge (science and math), performing arts and geography.

Worldwide rights are available for this adorable preschool series created by UK based Studio Distract, and to be produced by Cantilever Group Ltd for delivery early 2020. Foothill and Cantilever are seeking pre-sales and co-production partners.



Episodes x Run Time

52 x 11’ (In Pre-production)


  • Cantilever Group Ltd