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Scout’s Safari

26 x 26

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What if winter came in July? What if traffic jams were caused by elephants rather than cars? What if a giant dung beetle crawled among the clothes in your closet … would that be a problem? Welcome to the brave new world of Jennifer "Scout" Lauer, a smart and savvy New Yorker who, at 13, is psyched about the next big change in her life: junior high school. But fate has other plans, and moves her to South Africa instead.  Scout’s Safari opens when Scout must move to a remote area outside Johannesburg, where her mother and stepfather run a rustic safari lodge. As Scout learns, big-city life was a lot different from the way she must live from hopping aboard "kombi" vans instead of the subway, to taking showers in a shed and staying on alert for hungry animals. Minus familiar comforts such as hotdog vendors and central heating, Scout confronts nature -- including prowling lions and a wildebeest stampede -- and learns valuable lessons about what really matters in life.

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26 x 26


  • Tom Lynch Company

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