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My Side of the Sky

6 x 30'

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Six students test their limits at Windells Academy, the only boarding school where skaters, skiers and snowboarders can come to live, learn and ride on the same turf that launched Shaun White, Louis Vito, Kelly Clark, Nick Goepper and Ryan Sheckler. My Side of the Sky is a coming of age story with an adrenaline rush chaser. It brings viewers behind the goggles, into the hearts and minds of athletes willing to defy gravity in pursuit of a dream. Buckle up as Sierra, Zach, Gavin, Daniel, Autumn and Devin take risks that tread a thin line between life and death… all the while trying to survive high school. Watch as Wally, Randa and the rest of the faculty and staff try to keep the kids safe while encouraging them to put “the sky’s the limit” to the test. The stakes are high. This group of remarkable students, teachers and coaches respond in extraordinary ways - by living up to their greatest potential.

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6 x 30'


  • Mile Marker Entertainment

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