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Slime Rangers

52 x 11’ (In Development)

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Hot off the press is a new pilot for comedic series, SLIME RANGERS! This humorous series finds Dylan with his robotic armadillo, Tracker, and pals, Ricky and Amber working for a top secret (but really wacky) alien-fighting organization called the Slime Rangers!  Dylan is a mechanical wizard and perfect as the team leader, Ricky is a jack of all trades and Amber is the athletic one and thinks for herself. They are the only thing standing between us and the evil, despicable aliens: a disgusting band of extra-terrestrials committed to an all-out toxic invasion of Earth. These aliens are slithering among us and preparing the way for the rest of their slimy horde to invade Earth!  It is up to the Slime Rangers to root out these gross and smelly (but really funny) aliens before they can do some real damage. Wacky and outrageous character-based humor with hilarious gross-out accents as a team of brave adolescents battle to save the earth from the most disgusting aliens!

To be produced by Foothill Europe with its co-partner Splash Entertainment, who share worldwide rights and are seeking additional pre-sales for this irreverent comedy.

Run Time

52 x 11’ (In Development)


  • Splash Entertainment

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