1461 Introduces New Preschool Series in Cannes

Oct 09, 2013

1461 Introduces New Preschool Series in Cannes

tvkidsNORTH YORKSHIRE: This MIPCOM 1461 brings to market Rollie and Friends, a CGI animated preschool program that is distributed by Foothill Entertainment.

Rollie and Friends follows the adventures of a young roller coaster in a magical theme park called Sunshine Cove. The musical show was created by Studio Distract’s Steve Hanton. 1461 has optioned the rights to develop a full 52×11-minute series.

Russell Dever, the executive director at 1461, commented: “Rollie and Friendsis such a charming show and we’re delighted to announce the launch of the animation series at MIP 2013. In this new era we are no longer geographically bound and we can reach audiences across the globe. We expect the series to be hugely popular amongst the preschool audience.”

Jo Kavanagh-Payne, the president of Foothill Entertainment, added: “1461’s slate of production is a joy to work with, such imagination and style with a quality far exceeding most studios for television broadcast.”