Foothill Entertainment Reveals MIPJunior Highlights

Sep 30, 2015

Foothill Entertainment Reveals MIPJunior Highlights

SANTA BARBARA/LONDON: At the upcoming market in Cannes, Foothill Entertainment plans to present the animated shows Toopy and Binoo and Boys Versus Girls, among other titles.

tvkidsToopy and Binoo is a book-based preschool program made by Canada’s Echo Media. The story follows the adventures of an impulsive mouse and his logical best friend, who happens to be a cat. “The program engages and mesmerizes children with charismatic characters, humor and fun,” said Jo Kavanagh-Payne, Foothill’s president. “While immensely entertaining, the series encourages children to be friendly, well-mannered and imaginative.”

“Toopy and Binoo have a great following in Canada, and we are pleased that Foothill will be bringing these delightful characters and their escapades to a wider global audience,” noted Luc Châtelain, Echo’s president.

Boys Versus Girls is a new intergalactic comedy that playfully addresses stereotypes about males and females. The show was created by the U.K.’s Engine House 4D Limited and will be produced by 1461 Limited.

“MIPJunior and MIPCOM are always fun and dynamic markets for us,” stated Kavanagh-Payne. “It is made all the more exciting when we can bring shows of this caliber and quality to Cannes.”

Foothill is now handling the English-speaking distribution rights for the 3D animated series Tex, which is made by Spain’s Neptuno Films. The show is produced using a unique cut-out style animation.

Another highlight from Foothill is My Side of the Sky, a live-action nonfiction show about six talented teens attending a boarding school for skaters, skiers and snowboarders. There is also Boy and the Dinosaur, which follows the adventures of an ordinary boy and his prehistoric friend. “This series has universal themes and a family appeal all tied together with a unique look, which gives it a special, intimate atmosphere all its own,” remarked Kavanagh-Payne.

She added: “Although actively seeking to acquire new programming, we are also embracing the new-media opportunities that have become available for our existing titles.”

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