MIP Junior Spotlight: Foothill Entertainment

Sep 30, 2014

MIP Junior Spotlight: Foothill Entertainment

CANNES: Foothill Entertainment is presentingRollie & Friends, which follows the residents of a magical theme park.

Another title from the Foothill catalogue is Gunk Aliens, which centers on a team of kids who work to protect the planet from invading aliens. The company is also bringing to the market Young Dracula, a live-action gothic comedy that is currently in its fifth season.

“At its core it deals with universal issues for teens and families, such as fitting in, young love, rebellion and family conflict,” says Jo Kavanagh-Payne, the president of Foothill. “It’s these themes that apply to young adults growing up and trying to make their way in the world, which makes Young Dracula perfect for a global audience.”

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