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Spike Team

78 x 26’ + SPECIAL - 1 x 26'

5 videos available for screening


This Moige Award-winning series created by volleyball world champion, Andrea Lucchetta, is now in its 3rd season and is a ratings success across Europe and on RAI, and features unforgettable stories about camaraderie, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Spike Team appeals to both boys and girls while taking you on an exciting, motivating journey that is family friendly and inspires viewers to stay active!  After being in England for second season, the team returns to Italy for Series 3.  Set against magnificent backdrops, and under the wise leadership of their coach Lucky, the teammates display courage, inclusion, and team spirit in their preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Tournaments in Series 3!

This series produced by the award-winning Lucky Dreams Entertainment is available in all media.

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78 x 26’ + SPECIAL - 1 x 26'


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