20 x 26' eps (In Development)

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Momtourage, a half-hour ensemble comedy-drama series, is a unique modern-day tale of a mother-daughter relationship that is both funny and touching. Lucy Hayes, a world-renowned American pop singer in her mid-thirties, finds herself headlining – and settling down – at a major hotel in Las Vegas. While she battles her own challenges, Lucy’s life is complicated by the sudden arrival of Sunny, her teenage daughter, whom she hardly knows.

13-year-old Sunny, smart and sarcastic, was raised in Australia by her songwriter father, but has now decided that she wants to try living with her mom, with whom she has had very little contact throughout her life. Growing up biracial, Sunny has a desire to be more connected to her mom, as well as to her African-American heritage. As Sunny struggles to adapt to a new life and to build a relationship with Lucy, she must also fit in with her mother’s live-in entourage, which she dubs the “momtourage.” Full of teenage angst, Sunny must try to bond with Lucy while finding her place among the ever-present “momtourage” including Lucy’s manager, stylist, hair and makeup artist, chef, personal trainer and best friend.

Momtourage, a comedy-drama, takes an inside look at the world of celebrity and pop music, uncovering both the backstage excitement and the underlying pain and insecurity and tells the story of how two strangers – a mom and daughter – learn to find a place in each other’s hearts.

Foothill Europe is seeking pre-sales and co-production partners for this exciting primetime series that is being developed by Kate Rosenberg of Rose Garden Entertainment.  A new script to be available soon!


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20 x 26' eps (In Development)


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