Willie Wolf

The Brompton Tales


Be bright, be brilliant, be yourself!  An animated CGI pre-school series that helps and inspires girls and boys through important milestone lessons with the help of an amazing family robot. When a single mom builds a robot named b.bot to help her take care of her two adopted kids, 6-year-old Harper and 4-year-old Jack, she doesn’t realize that her invention is so much more than a mechanical babysitter. With a fun-loving personality of its own, b.bot is the best friend a kid could have and the best helper a mom could ever wish for. Sometimes clumsy (!),b.bot playfully teaches the kids important life lessons like self-confidence and self-esteem while on their many adventures at home and around the town! AND ... B.bot is the world’s first, one-of-a-kind creation with the unique point of difference that it is gender free. The series' central themes are:
  • It's important to be WHO you are and…
  • Family is defined by who you ARE WITH
  • Life's lessons can be little or large but no matter the size, they're easier to learn when you can ask questions and are free to make mistakes; which b.bot calls “happy accidents”
  • The value of accepting and embracing differences
Based on the award-winning potty-training app created by Lynn Tilker of eCubed Designs, b.bot has innovative and lighthearted storylines focusing on different social, emotional or developmental skills. The series has been intentionally developed to encourage critical thinking with particular attention paid to embrace those all too often underrepresented kids who are adopted or being fostered. Foothill is seeking co-development and co-production partners for this innovative and timely 52 x 11’ animated series that reflects modern family life with three humans, one cat and a robot! Check out b.bot's website at www.bbotworld.com

Chico Chugg

One small dog, one narrow boat and a whole lot of fun! A multi-award winning live action pre-school series, "Chico Chugg" is based on the bestselling children’s books by Janet Roberts. The series follows a lovable Jack Russell dog who lives with his family on a river boat called Wah Wah Chugg. Come and join Chico and his doggie friends as they find adventures and get up to comedic mischief on and around the canals and waterways! With original songs written and performed by Grammy Award-winning artists, children can’t help but join in with the catchy tunes and heartwarming storylines.  Featuring a subtle educational message and format, this series comes with an interactive website filled with activities for children ages 3-7. Worldwide rights are available for this paw-sitively fun series produced by Chugg Productions.  Recently nominated for an Royal Television Society Award for Season 2!  

Ugly Duckling Features

Rez Defenders & The Slimees

Foothill is excited to share a brand new approach/development for our comedy series that will go into production in mid 2019 with our co-partners, Mike Young of Splash Entertainment. This hilarious series finds Roo River, a Native American kid, along with his friends Dylan, Amber and Ricky, fighting against all odds a disgusting, but dysfunctional(!) band of aliens intent on destroying our sacred Earth. While visiting an ancient burial ground with a local elder, Roo’s treasured family amulet becomes the unwitting homing beacon for alien overlord Skidd McLord, a not so bright intergalactic scourge, who unleashes a torrent of space slime onto our heroes through a wormhole opened by Roo’s amulet. Now slime-infected, Roo, Amber and Dylan are suddenly empowered to see the aliens crawling among us, though disguised from all others. So anointed, they know it is their destiny, to band together to protect and defend their friends, their town and the Earth! They are all that stand between us and Skidd McLord’s teenage slime-troopers who are sent to wreak hilarious havoc on Earth. Through wile, grit and a million MacGyver-ed up devices, the Slime Rangers, led by their alien-whisperer Roo, fight against this space-born menace, though it certainly helps that McLord’s chosen henchman don’t seem to be too serious about their mission at all and just wanna have fun! Slime Rangers has it all: Slimey wacky aliens, oblivious adults, kids on a mission and lots of laughs. Note that the pilot was animated prior to the new development. To be produced by Foothill Europe with its co-partner Splash Entertainment, who share worldwide rights and are seeking additional pre-sales for this irreverent comedy.

Adventures of Bandolero


In a land far away, there is a pretty little village surrounded by paper trees and cardboard mountains, with a slice of orange as the sun. It’s a village that is famous not for the landscape, but for its curious inhabitants. This is where you can find Mrs. Tortoise, with her shell made of smooth river pebbles, and Mr. Hedgehog, whose spikes are sharp color pencils. But, the oddest, funniest, most popular and eccentric character in town is TEX the donkey, who is unfortunately the worst trainee detective in the world! Tex’s mission is to get to the bottom of mysterious disappearances in the village like the case of the zebra who lost his stripes, or the strange case of the ghost who wasn’t scary, or the baffling case of the robber who stole a rock from Mrs. Tortoise's back. International rights are available in English speaking territories for this series produced by Neptuno Films.

Danny and the Dinogons

Fiery fun for EVERY family! When your dad is a Dinosaur and your mum is a Dragon, what do you get? Me! Danny Dinogon!! With pretty weird parents you’d think I’d be a mixed-up kid, right? Nope, not me! I LOVE being a Dinogon and my friends think it’s kinda cool too. Do you know anyone who can burp smoke? And I fly around a lot.... literally! That makes me pretty special!! I haven’t quite got the hang of fire breathing yet, but my Grandpa says it’ll happen anytime soon if I keep practising. My Gran and Grandpa live with us along with some crazy aunts and uncles. And did I mention my brothers and sisters? There’s a lot of them!! So, if YOU think growing up is tough.... think again! Dinogons is about the not so normal life of Danny growing up in a blended, extended, mixed up family of Dinosaurs and Dragons, living in a suburban neighbourhood. With creative development led by seasoned UK and US writers, this funny but enlightening romp speaks to the modern family into which kids are thrust today.  We learn that kindness, understanding and familial love are the ties that bind. Foothill, along with India's Storywalker Designs, are seeking co-production and pre-sale partners for this preschool CGI animated sitcom that will celebrate family, diversity and kindness.

Oh Yuck!

Oh Yuck! is a fast-paced, laugh-filled comedy series for kids created to discover, investigate, explore and celebrate all the planet's most disgusting and revolting bits! All the show's adventures revolve around our dashing, adventurous and slightly greasy filth explorer Dr. Septico Yuck; his ever immaculate, clean freak assistant and teen mechanical genius Pristine O'Clean; Durp-E the robot, the zany cleaning-bot with a gunked up hard drive that makes him long to be human. And don't forget the gang's frightening nemeses, the O'Clean Brothers, Seamus and Doolan, Cleanse Co.'s evil owners who scheme day and night to eradicate every germ, bacteria or bug that wants to creep inside their spotless, sterile, and consistently sanitized world! (Hint: they always lose!) Join these wildly astounding characters and many more on a totally uproarious tumble down TV's favorite trash chute and into the unbelievable world of Oh Yuck! "Oh Yuck is seriously gross and exposes many taboos - that's why kids love it because it goes places no one else dares. Oh Yuck makes science very naughty and very funny and that's a winning combination!" - Niki Hamilton, Channel Seven's Executive Producer of Children's TV! Let the Yucks begin! Worldwide rights are shared with Splash Entertainment, who also produced this hilarous, mixed media series along with Flying Bark and Silhouette Media Group.


Did you know that Coco the crocodile can live for up to two years without a bite of food? And that Lily the spider will reach the grand old age of ten?  In each episode,  we explore the life of a different animal.  We find out about their behaviour, their families, and how they survive in the natural world. Zoomix sets out to entertain kids with true stories and fascinating facts about the lives and habits of animals. Because learning about animals teaches us to respect them. Worldwide rights are available and with language versions also available French, Catalan, Neutral Spanish and Portuguese.  

Rollie and Friends

Rollie and Friends is a 3D CGI animated pre-school series about the adventures of Rollie the Rollercoaster and his friends at the Sunshine Cove Amusement Park. Fast paced, action packed and full of fun, this animated series features best friends Rollie the Roller Coaster and Tootie the Runaway Train Ride as they learn to cope with the ups and downs of life, alongside their friends in Sunshine Cove. With theatrical level quality showcasing a never-before-seen environment, this innovative series captures the fun and excitement of the Sunshine Cove Amusement Park through the lovable characters that live there. While they all are different, they still seem to find a way to get along, through problem solving, exploration and laughter. It is an amusement park world that seems a lot like your very own neighborhood. Various themes that are explored in each new area of the park include things like exploration, creativity, knowledge (science and math), performing arts and geography. Worldwide rights are available for this adorable preschool series created by UK based Studio Distract, and to be produced by Cantilever Group Ltd for delivery early 2020. Foothill and Cantilever are seeking pre-sales and co-production partners.  

The Three Bears

Based on the popular tale of “The Three Bears”, this series follows the adventures of a family of bears (Bob, Toc and Vicky) who live in a magical forest along with fantastic characters such as the Snow King, and the Magic Dog. Each episode involves an adventure that the Three Bears go on together although they usually get into tons of fun and trouble along the way. International rights are available in English speaking territories for this series produced by Neptuno Films.

Out Of This Word

Out of the Word follows the daily musings of Max and Moon, two adopted siblings that love to use and learn popular idioms and unique phrases. Max is a fun, easy-going and curious cat who often takes spoken words quite literally.  Moon is a smart, optimistic and logical bunny, who is always happy to explain to Max the history behind these phrases. Join Max and Moon as they take you through the history of the idioms and words and how they came to be!

Kit the Kat

Kit the Kat, a new 3D character brought to life by PIP Animation, has burst onto the scene ever since winning the American Pixel Society’s highest honor for animation, the 2017 Platinum Pixie Award. Curious as any feline, Kit’s inquisitiveness at times can get the best of him which always gets him into hilarious situations! From chasing a laser pointer, trying to figure out the pesky robot vacuum thing, being introduced to the new pet goldfish in a bowl, battling the tempting delights of potted catnip plant just outside the window, or getting his fur caught in a windup mouse toy, to his daily duels with the pooping pigeons on the fire escape, enduring the diabolical hot tar on the roof, or savoring the multi-sensory distractions of a day at the beach, Kit always manages to find a way to get the best of any situation in spite of himself! How many of his 9 lives will be tempted today?! We are not responsible for any sore ribs, shortness of breath or tears caused by the extreme laughter while viewing these shorts! Worldwide rights are available for these shorts which are hilarious and fun for the entire family and are guaranteed to keep you laughing!

Jamie’s Paper Train

Jamie’s Paper Train is an award-winning short film that tugs on the heart-strings of all of us. Inspired by the real-life story of a young boy with autism, the film is a visual metaphor for the challenges that face those affected by the condition. Autism is a disorder that affects tens of millions of people globally, (1 in 68) and is characterized by trouble with social interaction and communication. It occurs four-to-five time more often in boys than girls. It is a condition that is just now being brought out of the shadows to become part of the global child development conversation. Seeking comfort in a world of overstimulation, Jamie finds escape through his passion for making paper trains. With the love and support of his parents, Jamie spent endless hours, embracing his imagination, forging bonds with those whom he struggled to make real-world connections with. This powerful but sensitive film produced by renowned Canadian animation studio, PIP Animation, combines a mix of various animation techniques including stop motion animation, 2D and 3D animation, and told through the music of Jack Noble’s unmistakable Canadian maritime charm. A film for all ages, Jamie’s Paper Train seeks to bring to the world’s attention this difficult but all too common disability. Worldwide rights are available for this endearing short film.  Also available in French - more languages coming soon. Awards include: Best Shorts Competition 2018 - Award of Merit Autism Film Festival 2018 - Short Film Winner 7th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection & Best Music Short Film Winner  

Bizarre Buddies

Finally, a buddy talent show for the common man with bizarre human skills, wacky consequences, and lots of laughs!  Think Impractical Jokers meets America's Got Talent.  Only this talent is extremely Bizarre! Watch humans with amazing skills perform Bizarre acts.  Watch buddies suffer humiliating and wacky consequences. This one-hour reality series celebrates the strange and off-beat side of life with two show hosts, Scott Topper, former MTV Reality TV Showrunner and three-time Emmy nominee, now Hollywood Celebrity DJ, and producer, presenter, magician and lawyer, Andrew Eborn, creator of The Octopus TV Failure Awards, host of Knot The Truth’s Question Everything and star of The Art of Magic. Brought to you by Foothill Entertainment, Scott Topper TV Productions, and OCTOPUS TV Worldwide.   Worldwide rights are available for this clever series and format.