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52 x 11’

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In a land far away, there is a pretty little village surrounded by paper trees and cardboard mountains, with a slice of orange as the sun. It’s a village that is famous not for the landscape, but for its curious inhabitants. This is where you can find Mrs. Tortoise, with her shell made of smooth river pebbles, and Mr. Hedgehog, whose spikes are sharp color pencils. But, the oddest, funniest, most popular and eccentric character in town is TEX the donkey, who is unfortunately the worst trainee detective in the world!

Tex’s mission is to get to the bottom of mysterious disappearances in the village like the case of the zebra who lost his stripes, or the strange case of the ghost who wasn’t scary, or the baffling case of the robber who stole a rock from Mrs. Tortoise’s back.
International rights are available in English speaking territories for this series produced by Neptuno Films.


Episodes x Run Time

52 x 11’


  • Neptuno Films