Danny and the Dinogons

52 x 11' (In Development)

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Fiery fun for EVERY family!

When your dad is a Dinosaur and your mum is a Dragon, what do you get? Me! Danny Dinogon!! With pretty weird parents you’d think I’d be a mixed-up kid, right? Nope, not me! I LOVE being a Dinogon and my friends think it’s kinda cool too. Do you know anyone who can burp smoke? And I fly around a lot…. literally! That makes me pretty special!! I haven’t quite got the hang of fire breathing yet, but my Grandpa says it’ll happen anytime soon if I keep practising. My Gran and Grandpa live with us along with some crazy aunts and uncles. And did I mention my brothers and sisters? There’s a lot of them!! So, if YOU think growing up is tough…. think again!

Dinogons is about the not so normal life of Danny growing up in a blended, extended, mixed up family of Dinosaurs and Dragons, living in a suburban neighbourhood.

With creative development led by seasoned UK and US writers, this funny but enlightening romp speaks to the modern family into which kids are thrust today.  We learn that kindness, understanding and familial love are the ties that bind.

Foothill, along with India’s Storywalker Designs, are seeking co-production and pre-sale partners for this preschool CGI animated sitcom that will celebrate family, diversity and kindness.


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52 x 11' (In Development)


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