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Willie Wolf

7 videos available for screening


Navigating daily life can be tricky, especially if you are a little wolf. Luckily Willie’s best friend, Bebo the bear, is always close by to share in the adventure.

Willie Wolf is a fun animated pre-school series. Follow Willie, Bebo and their friends on their adventures and learn valuable lessons about life while having a whole lot of fun! With a handmade cutout style you can follow along with the story at home with your own downloadable characters. We are looking to develop accompanying assets to bring Willie and friends to life across a multitude of formats including music, theatre, toys and more! Willie will inspire, provoke and grow children’s creativity and imagination. Are you ready for the adventure?

Have 6 episodes available now and looking for co-partners to produce more of this charming series for the pre-school audience.

Run Time

52 x 5' (6 x 5' already produced)


  • DMR Film Ventures