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Eddy & The Bear

26 x 11' + 30 min special

5 videos available for screening


Based on the much-loved characters created in Jez Alborough’s best-selling children’s books, Eddy & the Bear is the continuing story of a little boy’s first ever friendship – with a ten foot tall, talking bear! Each episode follows their daily adventures in and around the woods near Eddy’s home, as well as the weird and wonderful world of their imaginations. Bear introduces Eddy to the wonders of the natural world and Eddy confuses the Bear with talk of computer games and school, but nothing shakes the solid foundations of their friendship.

International rights available for this BAFTA award-winning series produced by Collingwood O’Hare Productions.

Episodes x Run Time

26 x 11' + 30 min special


  • Collingwood O’Hare