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Animal Stories

52 x 5

8 videos available for screening


This beautifully produced BAFTA award-winning animation series brings you the delightful and poetic world of Animal Stories. Simple, fresh and lots of fun, Animal Stories takes a humorous look at the lives, loves and concerns of the animal kingdom, viewed from a child’s perspective. Each episode of this colourful series centres on a different animal and asks a question about an aspect of life that all children can relate to… What is life like for a Pig who thinks he’s too fat…? What do you do if you’re a Dog that’s got bad breath or a Penguin who can’t fly? This delightful series has been translated into numerous languages and is enjoyed around the world.

Worldwide rights available for this series from the producers of PBS’s Cat in the Hat, Collingwood O’Hare Productions.

Episodes x Run Time

52 x 5


  • Collingwood O’Hare